Most of us are struggling along trying to make our websites produce a modest or better income stream. A big company with deep pockets can pay for advertising and ranking in the search engines to help sell products and generate traffic. We smaller enterprises must find much more modest means of promoting and supporting our web sites.

First you must have quality content to draw visitors. Then you can utilize a variety of methods to generate traffic and revenue. My personal best luck has come from attracting visitors to a site that is free but supported by advertising.

Here are some ideas I have tried that may help:
Make money with searches from your website. - I can highly recommend They're my most successful affiliate program paying a generous 35-50%, excellent for a search box. The program is flexible and easy to set up relevant search terms. Searchfeed is also good about answering emails and offering extra help to make their partnerships a success. They are 100% banner free, popup free and adult words can be blocked, so it's child safe. Also, you can check your click statistics in real-time, which is fun. Pays monthly.

The search box must be in a highly visible place on your website in order for users to perform queries. My payment doubled when I moved my search box from the bottom to the top of the page. Also, selecting words relevant to your site gets more clicks.

REFERRAL PROGRAM for When you refer other webmasters who signup after visiting your site, you earn 2-5% of what their website generates. Likewise you earn 5-7% for advertiser referrals.

clickXchange - I like clickXchange because you can choose the banners and they offer a wide selection, including pay per click, CPM, leads, emails and sales. They allow automatic rotation and use of their banners as defaults on other banner exchanges. They have quality advertisers, too.

REFERRAL PROGRAM for clickXchange: Refer an affiliate and earn 5% of that affiliates earnings forever. They also bonus your account $5.00 for every affiliate that earns $5.00.

ValueClick Media

I like ValueClick (was Fastclick) because they have one of the best reputations for a banner agent. They're good about answering questions and their stats are in real time. Also, they have good rates: pay by impression (CPM) and click (CPC) and give you 65% of the sale. They allow their banners as defaults on other banner exchanges. They also have pop-unders which pay well and can be set to serve once every 4 to 720 hours. ValueClick pays monthly on balances of $50 or more. Balances under $50 roll-over to the next month. You decide which campaigns run on your site and you can manage multiple sites from a single interface. Default redirects are free. Website traffic analysis is included. No contracts, guaranteed free service!

BurstMedia - BurstMedia is my favorite banner agent and also our first banner agent. Seriously, their webmaster's forum informed us about other banner agents and the web in general, enabling our site to grow. BurstMedia requires traffic of at least 25,000 page views or 5,000 uniques per month. Please mention Children's Storybooks Online when you apply.

Animation Online - is a do-it-yourself banner creation service. It's easy and free! Just select banner style (banner, button, or cube), enter text to be animated, and banner is immediately created. Premium service available for a fee adds things like font style and size selection.

Ad Designer - Free service lets you create banner ads quickly and easily. Nice selection of banners, including many that are animated. You control font type, color and size.

ADPUSH - offers a great banner rotation service that gives you complete control to rotate your own banner ads, buttons, and logos. I've been very happy with them although they don't answers emails as fast as they used to. Their service is easy and they provide ample explanation and instructions online. I chose them because there is no CGI required, no programming, only takes 5 minutes, they host the banners, they rotate them for you, they have great stats, they do everything!

Schedule campaigns, target ads on specific pages, let your advertisers monitor their ad campaigns, and many more options. FREE TRIAL for a month and $12.95 (Version 1.0) or $19.95 (Version 2.0) each month thereafter.

REFERRAL PROGRAM for ADPUSH: The free ADPUSH affiliate program pays you 50% of AdPush's first two months' commissions for all new paying clients you bring to them. You don't have to be an ADPUSH client in order to become an affiliate.
Ad Butler - is a hosted ad management system that can help you manage your online advertising. Very easy, and doesn't require any technical expertise on your part. Starting at only $5.95/month. Ad Butler can scale from a few thousand impressions on a small website to billions of impressions per month. Offers advanced reporting options and detailed control over your ad serving.

Manage and serve online advertisements with our powerful and easy to use solution.


 (Guaranteed Hits Without Posting Somebody Else's Banners)
There are many Traffic Exchanges out there, but I've had the best luck with these, which I recommend. The click ratios are for the free service. If you pay to upgrade you'll get better ratios, which is worth it if you surf a lot.

With FIREFOX, you can super surf all of these exchanges at one time while keeping the entire window open:
  1. First Bookmark each of your traffic exchanges.
  2. Click the Control button and then the letter t, multiple times to add multiple windows.
  3. Click on each separate window and from the bookmark drop down box, select a traffic exchange site.
  4. Then for surfing, after you view a site just move to the next window.
IMPORTANT WARNING: If you have Google AdSense on your web site or other banner agents (such as Burst and Value Click) for which you receive revenue, use of traffic exchanges can get you booted off! However, by using a Splash page where there are no banner/text ads, you can avoid that problem. If you're unfamiliar with HTML you can use a free service to create your splash page. A free subscription to TEtoolbox, for example.
ClickThru - 1:1 click ratio, 30 second timer. Network!
Hit2Hit - 2:1 click ratio, 10 second timer.

EasyHits4U - 1:1 click ratio, 20 second timer -OR- 2:1 click ratio, 15 second timer.

WebBizInsider - 1:1 click ratio, 15 second timer.

TrafficG - 1:1 click ratio, 30 second timer.

Traffic-Splash - 3:1 click ratio, 10 second timer.

DragonSurf - 3:1 click ratio, 10 second timer.

Dragon Surf
I Love Hits - 4:1 click ratio, 8 second timer.

Share-Traffic - 2:1 click ratio, 20 second timer.

ShareTraffic - Guaranteed Web Visitors
Traffic Roundup - 3:1 click ratio, 10 second timer.

Submit Express - Meta tags help and tutorial. Free metatags generator.
Network Solutions - Find out if a domain name is available.
FREE COUNTERS: Know your hits/visitors
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People Search - Make money from people searching for other people!


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