The Little Gingerbread Man

Page 9

The little gingerbread man could not believe his eyes. Beneath that pine tree was the most beautiful gingerbread house.

Through the front door of the gingerbread house came a gingerbread man and a gingerbread woman. Seeing the butterfly and her companion they smiled excitedly waving their gingerbread hands.

"Oh, what have you brought us?" cried the gingerbread woman. Evidently she knew the butterfly very well.


"I think that's obvious, dear" said the gingerbread man. "She's brought us a gingerbread boy. Do you realize that now we can be the family we always wanted?"

It was true. The butterfly had intended all along to bring these three together. The little gingerbread man had not known that he was, in reality, a gingerbread boy. It was all so sudden, but wonderful. When both his gingerbread parents each gave him a loving hug he knew he was home.