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The Littlest Knight - Page 14

To his surprise the beast rose up with a roar of glee.

Thank you, oh thank you, little knight,
You have saved me, all right!
An empty cup it may be,
But it was filled with kindness, you see.
And an empty cup filled, sets me free!
I was a good and gentle dragon long ago,
Before I angered an evil wizard so that
He cursed me to be as wicked as he.
I'm forever in your debt,
I'm the happiest dragon yet.
Let me take you home.
I'll guard you forever, I tell no lies.
I'll be your wings, if you'll be my eyes.

The littlest knight was shocked, stunned and delighted. The evil dragon wasn't evil at all, only bewitched, and now that the riddles were solved it was proving to be as kind as its new master.

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