Buzzy Bee Riddles
     1.     What kinds of hugs does Buzzy not allow? Answer     
  2.   What kind of gum does Buzzy chew?   Answer  
  3.   What did Buzzy Bee say to the naughty bee? Answer  
  4.   Why is Buzzy smarter than a talking parrot? Answer  
  5.   What is black and yellow and goes zzub, zzub? Answer  
  6.   What did the ghost say to Buzzy? Answer  
  7.   What will Buzzy Bee get from visiting
too many flowers?
  8.   What does Buzzy Bee ride to school? Answer  
  9.   Why does Buzzy like doorbells? Answer  
  10.   Why is Buzzy never on time? Answer  
  11.   Why does buzzy like Shakespeare? Answer  
  12.   How fast can a bear run from angry bees? Answer  
  13.   Why would Buzzy Bee do well in sales? Answer  
  14.   Why can't Buzzy Bee sing? Answer  

Find the butterfly.

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