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WELCOME - If you're like us, you've seen infomercials and commercials on television for mail order products which had some interest but decided not to order right away. You may have either lost the information or didn't write down the name, phone number or address in the first place. Then at a later time you wished you could order that product if only you had the information handy. Well, we're here to help you find that lost information. Just click on a search link above.
CAN YOU HELP? - People write and ask for information on products we may not have listed. Sometimes phone numbers go stale and no longer work. If you know a current phone number or source for products on our Looking For Info List please email us so we can post it.
INDUSTRY SECTION - A special section for marketers, distributors, producers, inventors, etc. If you have an infomercial, add your product if it's not listed, upgrade to make it more descriptive if it's already there, and it's free! Find out how to get a free web page. See the Resource Page to find companies that can help you in all aspects of infomercial production and marketing.
IMPORTANT - The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. It is gathered from various sources and is not guaranteed as to its accuracy. Please see additional Limiting Conditions
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Slim Down Solution
Flavor Wave Oven
6 Week Body Makeover
Thunderstick Pro Mixer
Ionic Breeze Quadra
Turbo Cooker
Walk Away the Pounds
Epil-Stop & Spray
Lose Weight and Celebrate
Bun & Thigh Rocker
Total Tiger
Steam Buggy
America's Funniest Home Videos
Lionel Train Alarm Clock
Pest Offense
Torso Tiger
Showtime Rotisserie
Tae-Bo LIVE!
Free Money
Money Makers - SMC
Play Great Guitar
Fabulous '50s
Quick'n Brite
2nd Chance Auto Financing

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