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    Welcome to The Infomercial Index. We've tried to make a user-friendly site to help you find infomercial information. Hopefully, you'll find us easy to use and find what you're looking for. Please let us know how you enjoyed your visit.


    If you're like us, you've seen infomercials and commercials on television for mail order products which had some interest but decided not to order right away. You may have either lost the information or didn't write down the name, phone number or address in the first place. Then at a later time you wished you could order that product if only you had the information handy. Well, we're here to help you find that lost information.


    In order to provide as broad an information base as possible we use the term "infomercial" to include TV or radio advertisements of any length providing they offer products or services for sale via direct response and include a toll free ordering number.


    We have organized the site into several indexes or "lists" of infomercials. Each item in every index displays the same information in the same format, but each index is organized differently.
    • The NAME index organizes products alphabetically.
    • The CATEGORY index separates products by category and then alphabetically within each category.
    • The PERSONALITY index uses the same CATEGORY format just mentioned but allows searching by any well-known personality who appears in an infomercial.


    Each listing contains the product name, a phrase describing what the product is or does, well-known personalities seen in the infomercial, pricing information, ordering telephone numbers, customer service number (if known), and ordering address. Some listings may include a link to an additional page giving greater detail or special pricing for that product. At some point in time the ordering phone number listed may no longer take orders for a particular product. We remove the phone when we discover this to be the case but leave the product up if we have an ordering address, since many companies still take orders through the mail even after they discontinue phone orders. Naturally, you should be more cautious in a situation like this and we recommend you don't send any money until you establish contact with the company.


    Please write to us. We're always looking for ways to improve the site. We welcome your input, e-mail us at suggestions@infomercialindex.com with any suggestions, additions, corrections or comments.

LOOKING for Info!

    Readers have emailed us looking for a source to order the following items if they're still available. If you have any information please e-mail us at updates@infomercialindex.com so we can share it.
    • Pump 'n Seal - manual vacuum pump to seal food in jars
    • Prolock Vacuum Sealer - Vacuum seals food for freezing. May have included Bob Warton
    • The Angel - Golf training aid
    • Luxurious Hair - included Priscilla Presely
    • U-2 Barber - haircutting device
    • Instant Hair Plus - Spray to make hair look thicker
    • Satinelle Epilator - May have included Deborah Shelton
    The phone numbers for the following entries no longer work. If you have a different phone number than those listed below that works please let us know and we'll post it.
    • Cash, Credit and Common Sense - audio cassettes and books - 800-851-3600
    • John Denver Music Album - 800-421-2000
    • Musical Multiplication - 800-380-3110
    • Quadrablade Windshield Wipers - 800-656-6995
    • The Burner - exercise machine - 800-441-1992
    • Tru-Vantage - Multi level marketing plan by the Trudeau Marketing Group - 800-818-4449


    This list is provided for informational purposes only. No warrantee or endorsement of any kind is made or implied by us as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, genuiness, integrity of, or your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with, any offer listed here. Advertisers are solely responsible for the contents and claims made in their ads and are free to change or withdraw offers at any time. We do endeavor to make the list as complete and current as possible. We strongly urge you not to send any money or place an order for any of these products until you verify for yourself the current state of the offer and form your own opinion as to whether it is suitable and prudent for you to purchase the product or service.

    To the best of our knowledge products have been advertised on U.S. television or radio. Shipping charges may be higher outside the U.S. and may not be offered on all items. Shipping charges to Hawaii or Alaska may be higher. State sales taxes may apply and would be in addition to prices listed. All prices are believed to be in U.S. dollars. Check with individual product for any guarantee.

    Once again, always check the status of the offer before sending money or placing an order.

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