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Please note: you must have Java enabled in your browser to use this interactive coloring book.
Please be patient while applet loads. It's quite large, but worth the wait.
Boy and Dog
Pick a tool, pick a brush size, pick a color, and paint or fill away!
Feel free to play with the tools and controls.
Remember: for any given palette color, crayon=a bit lighter, marker=much lighter, fill bucket=full strength. Crayon and marker are transparent and can color over other colors. The fill bucket is opaque and replaces all same color pixels within the black lines. See coloring book help for a detailed explanation and advanced techniques.
This picture is also available in a full sized, printable version for coloring with your favorite crayons, felt tip pens, or colored pencils.

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Coloring Book Applet courtesy of Patrick K. Jaromin,
Copyright ©2004 Carol Moore. All rights reserved.