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Printing Help for Coloring Pages
The printable coloring pages are set up in framed web pages. This is done to enable you to print clean pictures with no ads, web copy or links.

Clicking on the printer icon button should bring up your browsers print menu. Clicking directly on the image should do the same thing. If neither of these methods work for some reason, you can try using the print button on your browser's toolbar, if it has one, or select "Print" from the file menu. If you use this method be sure you are printing the correct frame that includes the picture.

The printable coloring pages are set up to print with 3/4 inch margins or less. If part of the image is missing you can try several things.
  1. Reduce the margins in your browser's printer setup menu.

  2. See if you have options in your printer setup menu to reduce the size of printed images.

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