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Frozen Bubble
An online Java game
Please note: you must have Java enabled in your browser to use this game.
Please be patient while the game applet loads.
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To start the game, click anywhere on the applet with your mouse. Then press the "UP" arrow (fire key) to start the game. Left and right arrow keys aim the cannon, the up arrow fires a bubble. Use the up arrow key to advance to each new level.
The object of the game is to eliminate all the hanging bubbles and advance to the next level. Make bubbles fall by hitting one of at least two touching bubbles of the same color as the bubble fired. All three bubbles will then fall, plus any other bubbles of the same color that are touching them, and any other bubbles held up exclusively by them. If your shot misses, it will stick to the other hanging bubbles. The ceiling moves down a little after every eight shots.
If you are asked to type in your name after completing a game, please do not, as this feature is disabled. Just press the "ENTER" key to take you back to the main screen and press the up arrow to start a new game. If you type in a name and press enter you will generate an error page. In this case you can get back to the game by using your browser's back button.

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