Grow Your Own Gargoyle - Page 3

As soon as she was done with that she had to clean sticky bubble gum off of Lester's wings.

"This place is so much fun," Tina said. "Most of us are sent back to the company."

"And the kids get their money back?" Wendy asked.

"Nope," Lester said. "You have to pay the company."

Tina shook her head. "The other gargoyles are much crankier than us. The reason I'm nicer to you is I like it here. I never want to leave. I like you too."

"Well, there are those pillow fights," Wendy replied.

"We won't have them any more." Tina smiled.

"No, I don't mind if you have pillow fights as along as I'm allowed to join in."

They tossed pillows and sang songs. Afterward they cleaned up the mess. Mrs. Delane made Wendy, Lester and Tina cups of hot chocolate and tucked them into bed. Tina started to snore.

"Maybe you can order more gargoyles," Lester said.

"No, two are all the gargoyles I can handle." Wendy closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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Copyright (c)1997 Valerie Hardin. Illustrations by Carol Moore. All rights reserved.