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Reciprocal Links

We're sorry be we are no longer taking new submissions to this page.

Latest submittals on top.  Month added is in parentheses.

Education Credit Union - Has free instructors manual, lesson plans, tests, teaching materials, student workbooks  (Mar. 2003)
4to40.com - Interesting folk tales, poems, games and mythological stories from India.  (Sep. 2001)
Maressa and Merlone, A Musica Fairy Tale - Commercial. Audio cassettes with stories and songs.  (Sep. 2001)
Marion the Magnet - Commercial. A book that teaches children about the magnetic power of thought.  (Sep. 2001)
splashesfromtheriver.com - Commercial - Award winning video tutorials for a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum in basic English grammar.  (Sep. 2001)
A Children's Story - The story of Prince Andrew and Princess Claudia. Has colorful illustrations and animation.  (Jun. 2001)
BedTyme Tales Internet Stories - Over 100 children's stories written by Debbie Williamson.  (Jun. 2001)
The Bluebird of Happiness - This is a cute story about a boy who meets a special bird and they share a gastronomical experience.  (Jun. 2001)
Creativity Pool - General site with good links for webmasters and family entertainment.  (Jun. 2001)
Drew's Animals - A Christian children's site with Bible verses, fun games, coloring pages, online paper doll, and other games. The site has lots of animal photos as well as sketches by children. Children can submit their drawings to be put online.  (Jun. 2001)
The Many Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop. - Drippy, a raindrop, goes on an adventure and learns about the water cycle in the process. A story written and illustrated by Joel Kimball.  (Jun. 2001)
Families online - Website for families with young children.  (Jun. 2001)
Happy Ever Afters - A storybook guide to teaching children about disability.  (Jun. 2001)
Happy Note - (Commercial site.) Designed by licensed music teachers, this site has computer games for learning music. Some downloads are free.  (Jun. 2001)
Spirited Kids Family Resource Center - Help and advice for families with hard-to-raise children.  (Jun. 2001)
Taking the Bully by the Horns - Website to help children deal with bullies. Has links and offers for sale the book  (Jun. 2001)
The Children's Group - Songs, audio CDs, cassettes, video, books, CD/ROM, live concerts and educational resources. (commercial)  (Apr. 2000)
Kid Zone - Software site for kids. (commercial)  (Apr. 2000)
Merpy.com - The home of the animated, musical and interactive tales of M.R. Petit's Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, and more!Coloring book pages. Has Merpy cards and other activities.  (Apr. 2000)
Snickerdoodle For Kids - Snickerdoodle was an American folklore character created by Otis Ham. This website has stories and coloring pages.)  (Apr. 2000)
Jakes Powerhouse of Homeschooling - A 6th grader's interesting site with links for math, science, history and writing.  (Nov. 1999)
Lil Fingers - A site for toddler age children with games, storybooks and coloring pages with free stories, activities and holiday sections. Bright colors and big buttons for little fingers to click on.  (Nov. 1999)
Thornbush - Children's stories, coloring books, displays children's artwork.  (Nov. 1999)
The Walker Family - Has Christian and web authoring links  (Nov. 1999)
Kids Love Mail - Sticker Club For Children and Teens. (commercial)  (Sep. 1999)
Christian Links for Kids and Teens - Well chosen variety of annotated Christian links for kids and teens.  (Feb. 1999)
E-Tutor - Commercial site/$24.75 a month (A web site that provides lessons for students in primary, intermediate, middle school/junior high, and high school.  (Feb. 1999)
BAB Books On-Line Stories For Kids - A nice selection of stories written and illustrated by different people. Also has an "Adlib" area where you can create your own funny story.  (Sep. 1998)
Interweb Schoolhouse - Web sites for kids. Lots of children's links.  (Sep. 1998)
Silly Billy's World - Bill Lewis gives examples of how to write fun stories using the latest software.  (Aug. 1998)
Surfing the Net with Kids - Barbara J. Feldman, who writes a newspaper column "Surfing the Net with Kids" offers her best link picks on a wide selection of topics such as arts, crafts, music, games, math, computers, etc.  (Aug. 1998)
Whootie Owl's Fairytales - Lots of original well-written fairytales and other stories with values themes.  (Aug. 1998)


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