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The Littlest Knight - Page 11

The littlest knight followed on his pony. When he reached the dragon's lair he saw that the cliffs of the ravine were so far across that building a bridge would take a year. He sat down to think about it, meanwhile pulling from his pocket the Princess's single silken hair.

Again there was a buzzing from the knapsack and a bee flew out. It asked him what the matter was. When he told it, it said.

This is easy.
To cross a bridge which isn't there,
Could be a single human hair.
Tie the Princess's to my back.
I'll fly it there and
Tie it near the dragon's lair.

The bee did just that. The littlest knight couldn't believe his good fortune until he was fully halfway across the ravine, balancing like an acrobat. The Princess's hair seemed magical for it stretched the whole distance and even with his weight did not break.

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