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The Littlest Knight - Page 10

But the littlest knight charged anyway striking a blow with his sword.

"Ouch," said the dragon. The littlest knight charged and struck him again. The dragon roared.

You've gone too far this time.
You hit me on my behind.
I'll fry you 'till
What you look like most,
Is a piece of burnt up toast.

Suddenly there was a buzzing from the knapsack. A bee flew out and up to the littlest knight's ear.

We have a way to repay you,
Throw our beehive and we'll save you.

So the littlest knight grabbed the beehive, throwing it at the dragon's head. Immediately a thousand bees flew out with a thousand stingers. With their tiny swords they stung the dragon again and again. The dragon's eyes began to swell and he could hardly see. With a bellow of pain and anger he leaped into the air and flew off to his cave in the mountains.

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