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The Littlest Knight - Page 9

The littlest knight had been traveling half a day when he came upon an object in the road beneath a tree. It was a beehive. Being a kind soul he picked it up to put it back in the tree. Suddenly he heard a tiny, buzzing voice.

We see you have kind intentions,
But please don't put us back.
Every knight who's seen us here,
Raised his sword and gave a whack.
Carry us elsewhere, we pray,
And we'll return the favor one day.

"OK," said the littlest knight and carefully tied the beehive to his saddle.

It was shortly after that he found the dragon or rather it found him. It landed nearby to look him over, and said,

Pfft, why you're nothing but a pea,
Who doesn't reach my knee.
Go home and grow some more.
Fighting you would be a bore.

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