Wolstencroft the Bear Page 4

     On Easter Sunday, very early just after the store had opened, a Mommy and Daddy bought Roger and Ronnie for their twin boys.

     "They look nice," Rita said. She was happy that her brothers had found a good home but felt sad, too, because she was beginning to miss them already.

     At the front of the store a table had been set up with chocolate Easter eggs. And as it was now Easter Sunday, they had been marked down to half price.

     After everyone had gone home for the day, Wolstencroft picked the nicest egg he could find and gave it to Rita, to cheer her up.

     They shared the egg, sucking on the sweet creamy chocolate and making sure it didn't get onto their clothes.

     Then they started to talk about the name Wolstencroft again.

     "I wouldn't want to change it," Wolstencroft declared. " I mean it's me. I've had it all my life.

     "But if it's stopping you from getting a home," Rita insisted. "You may have to."

     She hopped over to the book department and returned with a book called What to Name Baby.

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