The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson - Page 7

Then the time came that the Wumpalump's promise was to be fulfilled. And the little love lump was afraid for by himself he was to face the nothingness and bring back to the Wumpalump all that was his. And though he was afraid and trembled... he chose to fulfill his fathers promise.

With not riches or power did he choose to face the nothingness. As His Father he gave all he had. He gave himself. He was the Word.

And as in the beginning when the Wumpalump gave himself he felt all love, all joy, all peace...

So now whenever a little lump believes on the Word and knows to give of himself is life... so shall he too feel all love, all joy, all peace.

For this is the grace of God... that we should know him who in love created us and his son who in love died for us.

St. John I 1:1-18
Jeremiah 31:33,34
Isaiah 35

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