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Dogs  with Rotating Pieces
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Choose different number of pieces:    6  |  12  |  30  |  56  |  90
With piece rotation:   12r  |  30r  |  56r  |  90r
Use your mouse to move the jigsaw pieces
into position and complete the picture.
  • The Picture button displays/hides a full sized hint picture underneath the puzzle.
  • The Edge Pieces button displays/hides the center pieces to make it easier to work on the edge.
  • The Turn Over button activates/deactivates the turnover feature. When on, clicking on a piece or a completed portion of the puzzle will turn it over. You can also turn over a piece by pressing and holding the "T" key while clicking the mouse on it.
  • The Rotate button activates/deactivates the rotation feature. Clicking on a piece with this feature turned on will rotate it clockwise until the mouse button is released. Toggle the button off to move pieces with the mouse again. Rotation can also be controlled without activating the rotate button by pressing and holding the "R" key and clicking the mouse on a puzzle piece. You may encounter some sluggishness on puzzles with many pieces. In this case you may have better control over rotation by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the puzzle piece and then pressing the "R" key.

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