The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson - Page 2

The heavens were filled with an infinitude of little Wumpalumps. "I am" they all shouted in glee! For the first time the Wumpalump felt all love, all joy, all peace for within him these things were shared and thus multiplied.

And with great love the Wumpalump stretched forth his hand and with Himself painted the heavens in beautiful blues and sparkles of gold. With laughter and warmth he placed a brilliant light to rule the day and a softer glow to rule the night. Embracing his fullness he brought forth the earth and with tears of joy created the oceans. He fashioned whales and moving creatures of all kinds. He set birds in the sky to dance amongst the clouds.

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Copyright (c)1995 Cheryl Pearson. All rights reserved.