The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson - Page 3

And when he had finished the Wumpalump stood back and observed all he had become and with satisfaction... he saw it was good.

And the Wumpalump was tickled pink for now his greatest work was to be. "Let us make the little lumps in our image," he said. And from the dust of the ground he brought forth a little lump. He breathed into him all love, all joy, all peace. "I am!" the little lump cried. And the Wumpalump caused a deep sleep to fall on the first little lump and from him created the second little lump.

"Be fruitful and multiply," he told them. And with tender care, he touched them as they touched each other.

And the Wumpalump was happy but he remembered the sadness he once felt. He remembered and felt the little lumps could remember too. So the Wumpalump warned them.

"I have given you all things," he said. "Everything that is mine is yours! Give each other my love and you'll express my joy and feel my peace. Forever these things are yours. But I warn you. Never look to the nothingness for in that day you shall surely die!

"Yes, yes!" the little lumps echoed. But already the seed had been planted and little lump 2 wondered what wisdom she was lacking if she failed to look to the nothingness.

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