The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson - Page 5

So the little lumps, with the wisdom that they had found, were sent to live in the world. And they felt loneliness, pain, and confusion. And as the Wumpalump had commanded they were fruitful and multiplied. But always with wisdom they looked to the nothingness and saw they lacked... so loneliness, pain, and confusion were multiplied.

And some little lumps arose who were wiser than their fellows. They saw what they lacked and with craftiness and guile stole what the other little lumps possessed... thus becoming rich and wealthy.

And other little lumps there were who were wiser and they organized their fellows and gained great power. This way they forced from others the things they lacked.

And thus it was in the world. Each little lump taking from others to fill what he lacked.

And sickness... and hunger... and death stalked the land and no one there was to save them from the nothingness.

But some little lumps remembered the Wumpalump's promise. That someday he would free them from their loneliness, pain, and confusion.

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Copyright (c)1995 Cheryl Pearson. All rights reserved.