The Wumpalump by Cheryl Pearson - Page 4

So one day when she thought no one was watching she shared the seed with little lump 1. "Let us find what we are lacking," she said. "We will have wisdom as the Wumpalump if we do." And because little lump 1 agreed with little lump 2 that this was good... they both looked to the nothingness and were surprised at what they saw.

"Why, we lack all things!", they shouted. And emptiness and dread filled them. And they heard the Wumpalump walking as a breath of wind for no longer did they feel him within. And they ran and covered themselves with the clothes they lacked.

And the Wumpalump was surprised when he saw them. "Who told you that you lacked clothes? Did you look to the nothingness as I warned you not to?"

Little Lump 1 was afraid. "Little lump 2 told me", he said trembling. And little lump 2 trembled even more. "The seed told me," she exclaimed.

And the Wumpalump looked upon the two little lumps with great sadness because they had chosen the nothingness over all love, all joy, and all peace. With tears in his eyes he told them the wisdom they had found. "From now on," he said, "you will feel loneliness, pain, and confusion.. for you have looked to the nothingness. In sorrow will you share creation."

But because the Wumpalump was all love, all joy, and all peace, he had compassion on the little lumps. "One day I will destroy the seed," he promised. "One day I will send my Word. Then no longer will you look to the nothingness. Then no longer will you feel loneliness, pain, and confusion!

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