Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover

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The traffic, amazingly, wasn't too bad.
They arrived in no-time at their posh Mayfair pad;
A GORGEOUS, split-level, detached pied-à-terre
Where Little Miss Mary lived with-out a care.

And that's where we find her - tired from shopping,
Exhausted from all of that running and hopping
From salon to boutique with Mom as her caddie,
Buying up Bond Street and all on her Daddy...


Who works all day long, all night long in the City
As Chair Of The Board and as Head Of Committees;
Earning big bucks so that she can look pretty -
NO EXPENSE SPARED on his "Sweet Little Kitty".

Little Miss Mary made her Daddy proud
By jumping in queues and by pushing through crowds,
By spending his money in ALL sorts of places
From Moscow to Paris, from Harrods to Macy's.

Mary would COME, she would SEE, she would BUY!
From Cannes to Hong Kong, from Milan to Dubai.
If there was a contest, then she would be crowned:
"The world's greatest shopper!" (pound for pound).


But now she was tired and lay on her bed.
Musing if this season's black would be red.
Mulling the fate of poor fabric exporters
If all the designers cut skirts by three-quarters.

She put on her eye-mask and drifted to sleep;
Counting sheep, after sheep, after sheep, after sheep,
But all the while thinking: "How it would be better
To use all their wool for a Burberry sweater."


Soon Little Miss Mary was out like a light,
But she didn't sleep long and woke up with a fright!
She opened her eyes and was very surprised
When a huge, hairy Monster... MATERIALIZED!