Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover

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Within a few moments Miss Mary could tell
That the dressing-up part wasn't going so well.
It became pretty clear his suit wouldn't fit
When the Monster bent down and his trousers split!

Propriety precludes me from telling you where,
But it was, as you guessed, an embarrassing tear.
The pants weren't designed for a beast of his size.
And the rest of the clothes met a likewise demise...

The tailor-made tailcoat was torn into shreds!
The shirt was reduced to some buttons on threads!
The waistcoat was wasted! The shoes were too small;
His toes burst through them, but then, worst of all...

The Royal Ascot top hat, which was worn to the races,
Got impaled on the Monster's big horn of all places!
The final result was the tux was in TATTERS...
The Monster had turned haute-couture into schmattas!


"I cannot believe I could be so naïve!"
Said Little Miss Mary a little bit peeved:
"I ought to have guessed it SOOO much faster
That getting you dressed would end in disaster!"

But the big hairy Monster was simply ecstatic,
He tingled all over (though it may have been static)
So what if his clothes were ripped at the seams?
They MORE than exceeded his WILDEST dreams!

"I want to thank you so much, I don't know where to start?
Instead of my gut, there's a place in my heart.
For Mary you've changed me both inside and out.
I was going to devour you... Now I'm DEVOUT!


I can't wait to get back to the big monsters' lair
To show them my clothes, my skin and my hair.
I shall teach other Monsters how not to be feared!"
He thanked her once more and with that... disappeared.

After waving good-bye Mary drew a deep sigh,
Lay back and imagined new things she could buy,
But hard as she tried her dreams weren't the same,
Compared to the Monster they all seemed so... tame.

Her entire short life she'd behaved like a brat
With a "Can I have this?" and a "Can I have that!"
But it looked like she'd finally found her passion;
Not JUST for herself, but for big monster fashion.


She never imagined one day she may yearn
Not for dresses or shoes, but a Monster's return.
When all of a sudden, she heard something creaking.
She sat up and listened to scraping and squeaking...