About the eBooks

  • Every word is clickable
  • Complete narration
  • Full color pictures
Beginning readers and ESL students learning English.
  Same great stories, and a few new ones, now enhanced with audio. The new talking words feature allows you to click on each word and hear it pronounced. Plus all stories have complete narration, lots of full color pictures and some include music and sound effects. See how these features work.  
Young Children
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Young Children
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Older Children
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Older Children
Young Adult
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What is an eBook? eBooks are virtual electronic books that are displayed on a computer or handheld viewing device. Children’s Storybooks Online Talking eBooks display right on your computer and include color illustrations and audio features such as narration and individually clickable words.
What does this say?
(Hint: Turn on your sound and click each word.)
You have just had the experience of a beginning reader with our Talking eBooks. Unreadable words become instantly readable just by clicking and hearing them pronounced. Combine this with engaging stories and illustrations and these books are sure to hold your child's attention while helping them to read. Our books can replace hours of frustration with instant success! And they will compliment any reading program.
  • These stories are engaging and fun to read.
  • Children (and even adults) will enjoy them with or without using the clickable words feature.
The Talking eBooks' unique feature of clickable words is especially helpful for beginning readers, troubled readers or those learning to speak English. Children just beginning to read will click every word to learn that symbols on the paper are the words that are spoken, while intermediate readers will click words only when they have to--it's the next best thing to you sitting with them. We offer short, easy stories for beginning readers and much longer stories (with thousands of clickable words) for intermediate readers.

Talking eBooks include:

  • Colorful illustrations..
  • Clickable words.
  • Narration to further enhance a student's reading experience.
Try them out for yourself with our free working demos for ten of our stories.

Easy to obtain and use. Our eBooks are immediately downloadable from the internet and viewable on a desktop or laptop computer. They can be read offline at your convenience. Our custom viewer is easy to set up and works just like the browser you are using to view this page. We offer secure ordering plus a 30-day money back guarantee!
Free telephone support.

eBooks run on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Mac running a PC emulator program.

Minimum requirements for your computer.

Please note: eBooks are not physical books, but rather books in electronic format viewed on your computer which permit the use of audio and interactivity.

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